Core Research

The Tulane Prevention Research Center (PRC) focuses on one Core Research project each 5-year funding cycle. For the 2014-2019 cycle, the overall goal for the Movin’ for LIFE (Lasting Improvements for Fitness and Energy) program is to develop a model of healthy living for residents of the Ninth Ward community, such as eating healthy and being more physically active, and promote existing resources and activities. All program activities will be carried out in the Upper and Lower Ninth Ward for all residents and then shared with other New Orleans neighborhoods.

Movin' for LIFE, 2014-2019


The overall goal of the Movin’ for LIFE (Lasting Improvements for Fitness and Energy) project is to improve the health of residents by focusing on increasing health-related behaviors, such as healthy eating and being more physically active. Residents of the Upper and Lower Ninth Ward and New Orleans East will participate in the program. A variety of strategies will be used to promote active and healthy lifestyles. Lessons learned will be used to create a model toolkit for other neighborhoods in New Orleans and beyond.
Click here to visit the Movin’ for LIFE website.
For information about Movin’ for LIFE or to join one of the coalitions guiding the project, contact Tulane PRC Program Manager Revonda Darensbourg at or 504-988-4188.

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Investigators: Carolyn Johnson, PhD, FAAHB, and Jeanette Gustat, PhD, MPH
Program Manager: Revonda Darensbourg, MSW
Community Health Workers: Carolina Gallop and Irene Williams

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