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Fitting New Orleans

“Fitting New Orleans” is an e-letter that is disseminated bi-monthly that focuses on efforts of the Tulane Prevention Research Center and its community partners to build a healthier social and physical environment in New Orleans. From designing parks and walking paths to increasing access to healthy foods in all neighborhoods, “Fitting New Orleans” provides a forum to keep residents up to speed on progress being made in their communities. Feature articles cover efforts being made at local schools, in neighborhoods and in the development of a more pedestrian-friendly central business district. Links to interesting news bytes bring readers up to speed on local and national efforts to fight the obesity epidemic. Sign up below:

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“Healthscaping: Building environments that promote health” is an e-letter focused on how the physical and social environment can be improved to combat America’s obesity epidemic. It provides updates on the Tulane Prevention Research Center’s work in New Orleans and how it relates to other programs and national trends. “Healthscaping” features articles on the release of studies and ways the changing political environment may impact health. Links to interesting news bytes from press across the nation makes it easier for readers to keep their hand on the pulse of what’s happening with regards to the nation’s obesity epidemic. Sign up below:

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Physical Activity


Objectively Assessed Associations between Physical Activity and Body Composition in Middle-School Girls: The Trial of Activity for Adolescent Girls


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Hierarchical modeling and other spatial analyses in prostate cancer incidence data

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