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Health Promotion Practicum Program Fall 2016/Spring 2017
Deadline to Apply: Sunday, Dec. 11, 2016

The Tulane Prevention Research Center (PRC) is offering a practicum internship with a selected partner of the Tulane PRC: The Backyard Gardeners Network. The practicum program is limited to Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine students. Preference is given to graduate-level students who have not yet completed a practicum, but practica have been awarded to exceptional undergraduate students in the past.

Practicum Title: Food As Medicine Workshop Series Intern

Background on the Project: Backyard Gardeners Network is looking for support with testing evaluation tools, collecting data, entering and analyzing data, as well as outreach for its Food As Medicine workshop series. Food As Medicine is a weekly workshop series that takes place at the Guerrilla Garden, focusing on food as a primary source of healing. Each week, participants learn about a different area of nutrition and healthy living, and they cook a dish on site that relates to the topic. For more information about this organization, visit

Student’s Responsibilities and Activities: The intern will assist with the following activities starting at the student’s earliest availability in January 2017 and concluding at the end of June 2017:
• Prior to the start of April/May workshops: Assist BGN Program Coordinator in creating/testing recipes and preparing nutrition education materials; posting on social media; communicating with registrants at regular intervals prior to the start of the workshops; and researching and preparing relevant health promotion content for the workshops.
• During the April/May workshops: Being on site on Thursdays in April and May between 5pm and 7pm weekly to administer workshop surveys; assisting BGN Program Coordinator in leading workshops; monitoring the use of existing evaluation tools; helping with set up and clean up; and making reminder phone calls to Food As Medicine participants during the week.
• Conduct one-on-one interviews with Food As Medicine participants to collect qualitative data on their experience and entering collected survey data into a spreadsheet.
• Providing succinct analysis of the data so that BGN can clearly see the impact of the Food As Medicine workshop series on the participants.
• Preparing a brief data analysis report that BGN can share results with funders to show the impact of the Food As Medicine workshop series.
• Using (and refining if necessary) the evaluation tools to help BGN measure the efficacy of its programming, focusing on the content and the structure of the workshops rather than the health impacts to the participants (BGN has survey tools for that).
• Preparing a summary report of all Food As Medicine outreach, implementation and evaluation actions, and providing recommendations for improving the efficacy of the Food As Medicine workshop series from a public health perspective.

Supervisor: Jenga Mwendo, MSRED, Director and Founder, and secondary supervisor Courtney Clark, Programming Coordinator.

Transportation: A car is not needed, but highly recommended as public transportation in the Lower 9th Ward is not reliable. Both the garden and the office, 603 Forstall Street, are accessible via public transportation (RTA – 88 St. Claude bus).

The deadline to apply is 10 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 11, 2016 for emailed or faxed applications. All mailed applications must be post-marked by Thursday, Dec. 8, 2016. The internship position may begin during the fall semester with the bulk of work performed during the spring semester. Exact start and end dates depend on student availability, program timing, and the organization’s specific needs.

The intern will be required to work a total of 300 hours. For students in the Global Community Health and Behavioral Sciences Department, this will fulfill your practicum and project requirements, upon approval from your faculty advisor. The intern will also be required to fulfill all reporting requirements mandated by the school’s practicum manual.

To apply, send your resume, cover letter, and contact information for two professional references to:
Naomi King Englar, Tulane PRC Communications and Dissemination Coordinator, either via email , fax (504.988.3540), or mail (1440 Canal Street, Suite 1829, Mailcode #8319, New Orleans LA 70112).



There are no job opportunities with the Tulane PRC at this time. Please check back again, as this site is frequently updated.


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